True Blue Program

True Blue Member Spotlight

Name: Darby DeBonis

Year: 2020

Major: Nursing

Why did you become True Blue?

I decided to become True Blue because I love being a Pirate and see value in supporting an organization that cultivates the unique school spirit embodied by Seton Hall.

Why is it important for other students to give back to Seton hall?

I believe it’s important for other students to give back to Seton Hall because of the opportunities we have been given by the University, as well as the opportunities granted to us by generous alumni who also believe in Seton Hall’s Catholic mission. Going True Blue is one way to say “Thank you” to the people who have made our time at Seton Hall worthwhile.


What do you love about Seton Hall?

I love Seton Hall’s network of students, alumni, and faculty who are kind-hearted and determined to make the world a better place. I am blessed and excited by my role as a student and am proud to be True Blue.


Want to learn more about becoming True Blue? Email the True Blue Team Leader, Matt Minor, at with any questions!


Member Spotlight: Morgan Mount

Hello fellow Pirates! My name is Morgan Mount and I’m a True Blue student at Seton Hall. Because I love being True Blue so much, I thought I’d share my story with you!

True Blue is loyalty rewards program at Seton Hall and there are 4 simple steps to becoming True Blue:

  1. Attend a True-Blue-approved student event during the school year
  2. Donate to the cause of your choice at Seton Hall
  3. Update your contact information
  4. And show your Pirate Pride!

Here’s how the process worked for me. First, I attended a Student Alumni Association pandemonium at a Men’s Soccer game, which was a True-Blue-approved event. Next, I made a donation to the Student Emergency Relief Fund, which helps students afford Seton Hall in the case of a financial emergency. Step 3 was the easiest because as a student all of my contact information is already up to date. Finally, I showed my Pirate Pride by snapping and sharing a picture of myself wearing Pirate gear. In under 5 minutes I became True Blue, and you can too!

Shortly after becoming True Blue I received a welcome packet in the mail with cool True Blue materials, including a Pirate head pin! And now that I’m True Blue, I get invited to exclusive True Blue member only events.

As a True Blue student, I am giving back to my Seton Hall community and making a lasting impact on the University. I love Seton Hall and I am proud to be True Blue.

Go Pirates!

Are you True Blue? Learn more at:

-Morgan Mount’19


True Blue Program

Hello, Pirates! My name is Matthew Minor, and I am so excited to be the True Blue Team Leader for the Student Alumni Association. You’ll be hearing from me often to encourage you to become True Blue, to tell your friends about True Blue, and to show your Pirate Pride! I love True Blue because it’s the most meaningful way to give back to my fellow Pirates and play a role in raising SHU’s national profile. I cannot wait to share with you True Blue’s mission.

True Blue is SHU’s four-step loyalty rewards program to recognize its most loyal Pirates. Money donated to True Blue goes primarily to the Student Emergency Relief Fund, a fund students can use to help ease the burden of expenses in an emergency that may prevent them from continuing their education at SHU.

Students benefit from True Blue by gaining access to member-only events throughout the year, and there is no better program on campus that rewards students for their Pirate Pride. From the first day students come to campus, everyone talks about getting involved in campus life at SHU. Well, the best way to get involved is to give back, encourage your friends to give back, and help create a culture of philanthropy at Seton Hall.

The best part about True Blue is that it’s so easy for students to become True Blue. Becoming True Blue has four steps. First, students attend a True Blue event. This can be an event put on by the Student Alumni Association, or any event where you see True Blue. Second, students can donate any amount they wish to True Blue. Every dollar students donate goes directly to helping fellow students. All students have already completed step three, which is to update their contact information. Students complete this step just by enrolling at SHU. Finally, step four is to show your Pirate Pride! Take a picture of yourself in Pirate Blue, honoring one of our traditions, or tell your friends about True Blue. Becoming True Blue may not cancel out that time you stepped on the seal the first week of freshman year, but it will without a doubt help fellow students at SHU.

Hazard zet forward!

-Matthew Minor