Member of the Month

Member of the Month: Lori Amato

My decision to join SAA was truly one of the best decisions I could have made in my entire college career. Before SAA I was not heavily involved on campus and was not sure where I was supposed to fit in. After signing an interest sheet at the involvement fair in the fall, I was excited to see what events they had to offer. My brother who had graduated two years prior was a general member and used to talk about all the cool opportunities he had being in SAA, such as attending alumni events, wearing the pirate suit and attending conferences. My other brother, who is a year older, also attends Seton Hall and joined SAA his freshman year. He too had only great stories to share and I only made me want to join sooner.

After finally being accepted into SAA the spring of my freshman year, I was anxious to start planning events. As a member of the Student Alumni Association, we get to brainstorm all of our ideas in teams and plan events on campus to foster school spirit and pirate pride. As a member of the True Blue Team specifically, we focus on having students give back to the university by promoting philanthropic giving through fun member only events. Students provide us with their contact information, demonstrate their pirate pride, and donate to a cause on campus of their choosing to become a True Blue Member. Being a True Blue Member allows you to attend these awesome member only events like “Thanks a Brunch” and “Pumpkin Smash” while also being able to win cool pirate swag and prizes.

This past month I was chosen as the Member of the Month for my dedication to the True Blue Team. I can gladly say that I finally found my place on campus by joining this team. I wanted to be a part of an organization that encourages students to stay connected with their alma mater and I found that within SAA. The True Blue Team has given me the opportunity to branch out of my comfort zone and flaunt my pirate pride without hesitation. I cannot wait to plan new events and get even more students to become True Blue and take advantage of what Seton Hall has to offer.

-Lori Amato


Hellooooo Pirates!

  My name is Antonella Carovillano and I am currently a junior here at Seton Hall. My entire freshman year I was in search of an organization I felt I belonged too. Luckily, the Student Alumni Association was just the right place

! I know the name of the organization itself sounds odd, student and alumni? Definitely confusing. However, once you learn about it, you understand why this is the name. Essentially, SAA is current students fostering relationships with alumni because it is vital for the success of a university. Along with that, we try to build pirate pride by hosting various events on campus!

Within the Student Alumni Association, I am a general member and a part of the True Blue team. As part of the True Blue team, we try to spread the word around campus for people to join! Being True Blue shows how much you love Seton Hall, while getting the benefits of attending exclusive events. You can read all about True Blue in the previous blog posts! However, by being a general member, I contribute ideas for events that we put on and try to help them be successful. Its an incredible feeling seeing your ideas come to life!  We recently celebrated National Talk Like a Pirate Day. At this event, set out on the Green with music, food, and prizes to celebrate! Nothing shows pirate pride like talking like one! Ahoy! We also partake in Pirate Pandemoniums. Here, we set up tables at athletic events and give out swag to help support our teams!

Another great thing about SAA is we don’t let our members’ hard work go unnoticed. This past week, I was awarded Member of the Month for September! Receiving this really puts into perspective the impact you have on the organization, as well as the event itself! SAA hosts a bunch of events, including Bounce N Trounce. Since there is so much to look forward to, I hope you guys come out in the future!!



-Antonella Carovillano