SAA members Laura Tecza, Morgan Kleinfelder, Elianni de la Cruz, Sandy Hassanien, and Jess Stivers with new adviser Daniela Gloor in front of the White House on the way to the event.

The Student Alumni Association has been very busy this summer attending many trips all across the country.  The most recent one was Hall on the Hill on July 22nd SAA.  They traveled to Washington DC to help work an alumni event on Capitol Hill.  This was the 12th annual event and the topic was the new Medical School.  Congressman Pascrell as well as President Esteban spoke on the matter.  SAA got the opportunity to mingle with alumni from the DC Area.  They also had some time afterwards to go visit some of the monuments on the National Mall as well as the White House.  It was some of our member’s first time to DC which made it very special. Our members have multiple opportunities to travel as well as meet alumni from all across the country.

The next trip that SAA will be attending is CASE ASAP this August which will also be in Washington DC.