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Seton Hall’s Student Alumni Association is a group of 35 students who work
to foster relationships between students and alumni, educate students about the benefits of a
lifelong relationship with the University and build school spirit.
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What’s New with SAA

In August, our SAA will be co-hosting the national CASE ASAP Network Convention in Columbus, Ohio!
Check out what our two students who are planning the Convention had to say
about this opportunity and what it means for our organization:


“CASE ASAP gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with students from across North America. I learned about student engagement, event planning,organization branding, and   networking with alumni. Most importantly, I grew closer to my fellow SAA peers, who are now my best friends. This year in Columbus, I’m looking forward to traveling with my SAA friends and bonding with them. I’m also excited
to attend interesting and immensely informative sessions. CASE ASAP is an incredible conference, and my hope is that every SAA member can experience it.”

-Morgan Mount ’19


“As the members of SAA reach forward into the summer, there are a lot of exciting events
and projects we continue to work on. For me, as the CASE ASAP Team Leader, the most exciting time of the year is yet to come.

I am so proud of all the work my team has done throughout the year, and of the impact we have made on this conference. I, personally, have learned so much through this experience working with a team over such a long period of time and over a very long distance.

Attending last year’s CASE ASAP Network Convention as a new member of SAA, inspired me to be a committed and involved member of SAA and SAC throughout this past year. I look forward to the experiences and ideas that our SAA will bring back from this year’s convention.”

-Tela Wittig ’19

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