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Seton Hall’s Student Alumni Association is a group of 35 students who work
to foster relationships between students and alumni, educate students about the benefits of a
lifelong relationship with the University and build school spirit.
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What’s New with SAA:

Special Announcement: SAA will be holding its annual, 24-hour pep rally event,

Bounce N Trounce on February 28th!

Learn more about the event here: SHU Bounce N Trounce

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Join Us in Celebrating the 9th Annual Bounce n Trounce event!

On February 27-28, 2018, the Seton Hall Student Alumni Association (SAA) will hold its 9th annual Bounce ‘N Trounce event. Started in 2010, this signature event was created to highlight the University’s rivalry with Rutgers. The concept of the event is simple. The Seton Hall community would bounce a basketball for 24 hours so that the men’s basketball team would trounce their rival. Since the first ever Bounce ‘N Trounce, the event has evolved each year to highlight the Rutgers rivalry, or others within the Big East Conference like St. John’s and Villanova. Last year’s event was held before the Villanova game.

This year’s Bounce ‘N Trounce will take place once again in anticipation of the Seton Hall game against Villanova from February 27-28, 2018. As in past years, Seton Hall students, alumni and employees are invited to bounce the ball at Bounce ‘N Trounce. Clubs, organizations and even groups of friends are able to “adopt an hour” at the event. Reserving an hour with your team will allow SAA to feature your team’s name on promotions and also guarantees your t-shirts will be ready for you during the event! Throughout the 24 hours, there will be a pep rally, tie-dye, photo opportunities, midnight breakfast and other activities! Each person who bounces the ball will receive this year’s limited edition t-shirt.

For the first time, the Student Alumni Association is putting a call out for design submissions for this year’s Bounce ‘N Trounce event. Submit your t-shirt ideas, or upload a file with your creation using this form. The winning student designer will receive tickets to any regular season game of their choice and a chance at one of the contests on the court at a game.

Learn more about the event and sign up to bounce the ball at Bounce ‘N Trounce here. Go Pirates!

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