FullSizeRenderIt’s that time of the year again!
Recruitment for the Student Alumni Association is in full swing. We are approaching Group Process where we get to see the candidates in action. Interviews for the new candidates went well and it was a pleasure for all the current members to meet the potential new members. All the candidates were full of enthusiasm and brought great energy to their interviews! Group Process will take place this Sunday, March 29. Here we will get to see the in action working together in teams and even interacting with some alumni! As exciting as it is to welcome 8 new members, it also means that we are going to have to watch 8 of our senior members leave. As our seniors enjoy the last few months of their time with we would like to wish them luck in their upcoming endeavors and know that we look forward to seeing them at many alumni events in the future. We all look forward to seeing what the new members bring to SAA and know that they will make a great addition to our team! We also want to wish all the candidates luck at Group Process and I know all the current members cannot wait to see all the ways they can add to this organization. We look forward to announcing the new members in the coming weeks.

-Alex Crandall ‘16