Back to Normal

All’s well with the blogs now. We hope that the repairs didn’t cause you any downtime.

Technical Difficulties

We’re experiencing some problems with the blog service right now, so if you can’t see your blog or the administration screen, we’re working on a fix right now. Thanks for your patience.

New Themes for April

. . . → Read More: New Themes for April

Mobile Device? No Problem.

If your audience is using their mobile phone or iPad to look at your blog, and is having some problems viewing it, there’s a solution. . . . → Read More: Mobile Device? No Problem.

Upgrade to version 3.1

We’ve upgraded to the latest WordPress release, version 3.1. You’ll note that the interface is a little different, but fear not, its just streamlined to offer you the elements you need most. You can still get to everything else by using the Dashboard. As always, look over the new features and elements then drop us . . . → Read More: Upgrade to version 3.1

New Themes

We’ve added a few nice WordPress template sets recently. . . . → Read More: New Themes

WordPress 3.1 Is Released

If you’re a blog owner or author, you’ve probably noticed a change in the look and feel of the dashboard.

WordPress 3.1 makes a few prominent visual changes, ones that — once you get used to them — should make your work a little easier.

The first is the black Admin Bar you’ll see across . . . → Read More: WordPress 3.1 Is Released

Embedding Video?

If your blog has the WordPress Video Plugin activated, it’s easy. . . . → Read More: Embedding Video?


What’s a gravatar? It’s one of those icons that appears in association with people’s names on a blog. Here’s how to get one. . . . → Read More: Gravatars

Upcoming Training

The TLT Center is offering it’s next training session for using this system on September 13th at 2pm. Join us in the CTC, located in Walsh Library, as we explore the exciting features of this new blogging platform and help you to get started using it. Please register to attend the class. If you are unable to attend, please review the Documentation section of this blog to get started and feel free to reach out to us to set up another time and date. . . . → Read More: Upcoming Training

Theme Gallery

WordPress offers hundreds of available themes which are easy to install and customize. Here are a few that are already installed and ready for you to start working with. Follow the links to see what options are available; for most you can add widgets, and for many you can modify the images, change the number of columns, tweak the colors — all from your web browser. . . . → Read More: Theme Gallery