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Powered by WordPress web-based software, there are hundreds of themes and plugins you can use to create a beautiful and functional website or blog.
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This service is available free to members of the Seton Hall community. Create a site for a publication, a research project, a department, a club or organization.
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Dozens of ready-to-use themes are installed, and we add more all the time. If you find one you think is just right for you that we don’t have already, let us know and we’ll check it out.


Hundreds of available plugins add functionality to your blog. From calendars to contact forms, galleries to geotagging, if you need to do something special we’re ready for you.

Training and Support

We’re committed to making your site work. With lots of support documents, scheduled training sessions and experienced hands with big ideas, drop us a line if you need anything at all.

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Some of the projects we’ve facilitated are shown below. Click to see more about what techniques were used in each, including plugins, themes and special effects.

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Recent Posts from TLTC Blogs

WordPress 3.8

You might have noticed already, but last week we upgraded to the latest version of our blogging platform. There are a few changes, most of them cosmetic. The dashboard uses a new, more modern font. Plus, you can now customize your colors. No more of the boring...

SHU Logos and Graphic Standards

Branding your blog with Seton Hall’s logo helps leverage the University’s identity, improving the visibility of your blog as well as enhancing the quantity of University-branded content on the Web. We have a few resources that can help. On the University...

Custom CSS

Today we’re introducing a new plugin you can use to add custom CSS code to your blog. It’s called “My Custom CSS,” and you should already see it under the Appearance menu on your dashboard.

Events Made Easy

If your blog needs to run a calendar of events, we offer the Events Made Easy plugin. Just activate it from your dashboard and you can get started quickly. But it offers a lot more. Here’s a blog post with lots of examples and...

WordPress 3.31

This afternoon you’ll notice a change to the dashboard — we’ve upgraded the system to 3.31. Starting with 3.3, there are some helpful differences. Other than the more compact left-column menu, you’ll enjoy the way you can upload images and...

WordPress for Android

This handy app lets you post and edit pages, moderate comments, work with categories and tags, and upload media straight from the camera.

Get TLTC Blogs on Your Mobile Device

We’ve installed a slick new plugin across the blogs we host that provides a very clean interface for mobile phones and tablets. With it you get your choice of many custom icons — or you can create your own — and lots of flexibility with colors, backgrounds and menus.

Try your blog, and let us know what you think!

Back to Normal

All’s well with the blogs now. We hope that the repairs didn’t cause you any downtime.

Happy New Year

To help celebrate, we’ve upgraded the blog system to WordPress 3.5. The biggest change is the new media manager. It’s easier to use — all you have to do is drag-and-drop your media files onto the popup. It’s especially speedy when you’re...


WordPress 3.5 is scheduled to be released tomorrow, and while we won’t be updating it immediately — we usually wait until a 3.5.1 release to be sure the kinks are worked out — we have picked up this year’s new default theme, twentytwelve. To...

Featured Image Bug – Updated and Fixed

If you’re using the Arras theme, or another one that’s dependent on featured images, Drag and drop the image you want from your desktop into the “Featured Image” box in the right-hand column. You won’t be able to do it from within the...

We’ve Upgraded!

This morning we upgraded to WordPress 3.4.2. It’s not a major release, so you probably won’t see any changes. According to the WordPress team’s blog, here’s what’s new: …we’ve identified and fixed a number of nagging bugs,...

Announcing WordPress 3.4.1

We’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest this afternoon. It took about 15 seconds, so your experience should have been pretty seamless. Find out what’s new after the jump… Live Theme Previews Gone are the days of rushing to update your header,...