Four New Themes

Do you want to customize your blog? Really customize it? Four freshly installed themes give you more control than you ever dreamed of. They all offer menus, custom layouts and/or colors, widgets, multi-columns, color schemes; and each has its own special tweaks – icons, sliders, fonts, mobile versions. The possibilities to make your blog unique will grow exponentially. Some details on what they offer… . . . → Read More: Four New Themes

New Plug-in: Broken Link Checker

Do you have a lot of external links on your site, but you don’t have the time to review them all to make sure they haven’t broken? Activate the Broken Link Checker plugin. . . . → Read More: New Plug-in: Broken Link Checker

WordPress 3.31

This afternoon you’ll notice a change to the dashboard — we’ve upgraded the system to 3.31.

Starting with 3.3, there are some helpful differences. Other than the more compact left-column menu, you’ll enjoy the way you can upload images and other files. Click on the Upload/Insert icon, and just drag-and-drop your files into the . . . → Read More: WordPress 3.31

WordPress for Android

This handy app lets you post and edit pages, moderate comments, work with categories and tags, and upload media straight from the camera. . . . → Read More: WordPress for Android

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A Standalone Mobile App

The JoeMobi app generator lets you compile your WordPress blog into a downloadable app for your Android or Blackberry. . . . → Read More: Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A Standalone Mobile App

Compress Your Uploads for Faster Pages

Upload files that are too big, and readers will get frustrated and simply cancel the download. Or, they’ll get the file but it will be cumbersome to work with and hard to navigate through. Here are some tips to make your blog posts a little lighter on their feet. . . . → Read More: Compress Your Uploads for Faster Pages

Get TLTC Blogs on Your Mobile Device

We’ve installed a slick new plugin across the blogs we host that provides a very clean interface for mobile phones and tablets. With it you get your choice of many custom icons — or you can create your own — and lots of flexibility with colors, backgrounds and menus. Try your blog, and let us know what you think! . . . → Read More: Get TLTC Blogs on Your Mobile Device

How To Do Everything In WordPress

We like this new guide at Edudemic, which covers all of the basics and a lot of the more advanced things you’ll need to know to effectively run your WordPress blog. . . . → Read More: How To Do Everything In WordPress

Back to Normal

All’s well with the blogs now. We hope that the repairs didn’t cause you any downtime.

Technical Difficulties

We’re experiencing some problems with the blog service right now, so if you can’t see your blog or the administration screen, we’re working on a fix right now. Thanks for your patience.

New Themes for April

. . . → Read More: New Themes for April

Mobile Device? No Problem.

If your audience is using their mobile phone or iPad to look at your blog, and is having some problems viewing it, there’s a solution. . . . → Read More: Mobile Device? No Problem.

Upgrade to version 3.1

We’ve upgraded to the latest WordPress release, version 3.1. You’ll note that the interface is a little different, but fear not, its just streamlined to offer you the elements you need most. You can still get to everything else by using the Dashboard. As always, look over the new features and elements then drop us . . . → Read More: Upgrade to version 3.1

New Themes

We’ve added a few nice WordPress template sets recently. . . . → Read More: New Themes