We’ve gotten some instructional videos to help you get the most out of your WordPress site here at blogs.shu.edu. Here are a few that might be especially helpful.

The Basics

Pages and Posts

This video introduces users to:

  • Locating posts or pages to edit using Posts > Posts or Pages > Pages
  • Accessing the Post and Page action menu links
  • Open up a post or page in Edit mode
  • Changing text to bold and italics
  • Aligning text left, centre and right
  • Updating posts and posts


This video introduces users to:

  • how to add an image from the media library to a post or page using the Add an Image icon in the Visual Editor
  • How to add and edit the image information in the Media Library tab in the Add an Image screen
  • Image alignment and changing image size

Your Media Library

Not just pretty pictures — audio, video, and file attachments.

This video introduces users to:

  • How to find the media library.
  • How to edit items within the media library.
  • How to delete photos, videos, audio and documents in the library.

Staying Organized



Customizing Your Site

Change Your Theme


This video introduces users to:

  • custom menus
  • relating a menu to a theme location
  • adding and rearranging menu items


This video introduces users to:

  • widgets and widget areas
  • adding a widget to a widget area
  • inactive widgets

More Advanced Topics

Image Galleries

This video introduces users to:

  • Adding media inside the post content editor.
  • Adding new images or selecting existing library images for your gallery.
  • How to select multiple images for gallery insertion.
  • Re-arranging photo order inside galleries.
  • Allow for viewing single images in the WordPress Attachment Page.
  • Placing other content above and below image galleries.
  • Navigating through images in WordPress image galleries.

Post Excerpts

Featured Images

Many more are available — on video embedding, editing, quick drafts, managing and editing images, and more. Let us know if there’s a topic you’re interested in learning more about.