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What languages do you know or recognize? How did you learn or come to recognize them? (Remember, English is a language, too, so that counts as one, along with other languages that you are aware of.)

There are many ways to know a language. Can you read, write, speak, understand, or just recognize it when you hear it? Each of us has a story to share about language. Can you tell us a bit more about yours?

Although we are starting with college undergraduates in an Anthropology class in the Eastern United States, we think everyone has something to contribute. Help us explore how language awareness can be measured in every population by adding to our data below. We do not collect personal information beyond what you share below and no one will try to contact you to sell you anything. We remove all names from the data that we analyze and share to protect respondents’ privacy.  Our purpose is to explore language awareness using everyday speech, engage a larger public, and see what kinds of interesting questions we can ask from the data that we generate.

New for 2018: The list of languages in our drop-down menu has grown from the original eight derived from our pilot data set from 2015! Based on 2016-2017 data, we’ve added Polish, Hindi or Urdu and other South Asian Languages. User experience feedback from Anthropology and Sociology Qualitative Research Methods students in 2016 and 2017 also resulted in tweaks to web page menus and queries in the form below.

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