Syllabus Checklist

Syllabus Checklist for English 1201 and 1202

Submit your syllabus, along with two essay assignments in the form you would give to your students, to Ed Jones.

Course information:

  • Class name and number
  • Where and when it meets
  • Office location, number and phone ext.
  • Office hours
  • Statement of what the class is about (at least a paragraph, including information on core proficiencies – 1201: reading/writing & critical thinking; 1202: reading/writing & information fluency ), including Outcomes Statements
  • Required texts listed, including freshman read (for 1201)


  • Grading formula (clearly broken down with percentages; at least 50% for writing)
  • late paper policy
  • attendance policy
  • lateness policy
  • class participation policy
  • Writing Center (give location and hours of Writing Center, as well as how to make appointments)
  • laptop and cell phone usage policies
  • plagiarism policy (attach it to syllabus)

Schedule, assignments, and due dates:

  • divided into weeks (or days)
  • clear deadlines for rough drafts and final drafts allowing a week in between
  • enough time for each assignment
  • assignments should have at least a paragraph describing each
  • final paper due prior to final exam day
  • first draft due dates
  • Readings: 2-4 per week, no more or less (unless unusual week — library orientation, in-class surveys, presentations)


  • Mention self-assessment (just part of 1202 final)
  • Include the date of the final (this is available on-line before the semester starts)
  • Final paper due before the final.

Disability Statement must be included

For English 1202:

  • Mention theme of course (Literature and the Humanities, Literature and the Human Psyche, Literature and Public Life, Literature and Nature)
  • Include at least three nonfiction readings related to the theme