Practical matters–Faculty FAQs

English Department FAQs

How do I get a parking tag?

Parking tags can be obtained at the Parking Services Office, main floor of Duffy Hall.  They cost $200 for faculty for a full year.  There is a reduced fee for adjunct instructors.  There is a parking lot reserved for faculty beyond the Art Building (the second lot to your left as you enter the main gate).

Where can I get an ID?

IDs are necessary for a number of things on campus: to take books out of the library; to enter gates to the university, to open building doors on weekends.  You can obtain an ID in the Card Services Office on the main floor of Duffy Hall; it is located next door to the Parking Services Office.

Where do I go to take care of health insurance, retirement, TIAA-CREF, leave of absence, and related matters?

The Human Resources Office is located at 366 Ward Place, across from the Boland parking lot.

Where can I get a key for my office?

Offices are assigned by the Department Secretary, Ms. Warren.  Office keys are available in the Dean�s Office, main floor of Fahy Hall.  You must sign the key out and are responsible for the cost of replacing the office lock (about $80) if it is lost or stolen.

Where do I get a lap top?  Can I keep the machine in my office?

You will be given a lap top during orientation in August, and we will also provide introductory training.  Additional help is available from Pat Thoms-Cappello, technology liaison to the adjuncts, and from many other members of the department.  You can also attend free training sessions in the computer center in Corrigan Hall.  If you plan to leave your lap top in your office, please see Ms. Warren for a special lock.  We have several lap top thefts each year, and you are responsible for the $500 insurance deductible.

Where can I get office and classroom supplies?

The department secretary, Rebecca Warren, can provide you with the following supplies: markers for classroom white boards, chalk, grade book, and office supplies (staples, tape, etc).

How do I get materials copied for my classes?

While it is possible to leave many materials in Blackboard for your students (your syllabus, paper assignments), you will need to copy materials on occasion.  Papers to be copied can be left with the Department secretary, Ms. Warren.  An information slip should be attached (these are in the department office), and the materials should be left at least three days before needed.  The department copy is no longer available to the faculty because of budgetary constraints.  Only the chair and assistant chair have access to the copy code.

How do I set the voice mail on my office phone?

See the Department Secretary for instructions or call Telecommuncations at x2444  There are two exchanges on campus: 761 and 245.  Numbers that start with 761 usually have an extension that must be dialed after dialing 761-9000.  Be warned that callers will first receive a message that sounds like your voice mail; however, this actually connects them to your phone line.  (Unsuspecting callers often hang up rather than leave a message.)

Where can I get a map of the campus?

Complete information about the campus�as well as an academic calendar and exam schedule�can be found on the SHU web site:

Where can I get textbooks for my classes?

Instructor copies of the texts for College English I and II can be obtained from Dr. Nancy Enright, Director of Freshman English.  If you will be teaching an upper level English course in a forthcoming semester or summer session, you will need to order books from the SHU bookstore.  This must be done online.

What are the requirements for office hours?

The minimum requirement for office hours is one office hour for each three credits of courses taught.

Are room assignments for courses ever changed?

Occasionally, rooms are changed for unforeseen reasons.  When you arrive at your classroom on the first day�it is a good idea to show up a few minutes early�check the room-change sheets on the outer doorway to make sure you are still scheduled for that space.

How do I submit final grades?

Final grades must now be submitted on line; your pin number will be included in your November and April pay checks.

Can I change the date of my final exam?

The final exam schedule is set by the university and is not subject to change.  Everyone is required to give a final of some kind and to be on hand to meet with students at the designated time and place if a take-home exam is given.

Whom should I contact in the event that a student stops attending my class?

Freshman Studies, under the direction of Dr. Tracy Gottlieb, Dean of Freshman Studies, keeps close tabs on first-year students.  You can contact a student�s mentor should s/he fail to attend class or submit required work.  Within your Blackboard course, click on the Control Panel.  Then, under Course Tools, click on SHU: Student Evaluations and Warnings and follow the directions.  Keeping mentors informed is one way to improve retention and help students before it is too late.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with my computer?

The Computing Services Division is located in Corrigan Hall, lower level.  You can also call the Help Desk, ext. 2222, for information and help.

How will I be notified about department meetings and other events?

You should check your email on a regular basis for information about meetings, upcoming events, updates, and so on.  You will be given an SHU email account once your employment becomes official. If you prefer to be contacted through another e-mail address, inform the appropriate parties (Mary Balkun, Chrys Grieco, Nancy Enright, Ed Jones, Rebecca Warren).

When are faculty meetings held?

All faculty members, except adjunct instructors and TAs, are expected to attend department and university faculty meetings (although  adjuncts and TAs are invited to attend)  Meetings are held twice each semester, in September and December, on the same Friday afternoon.  Department meeting dates will be posted and are usually held in Fahy 245.  College faculty meetings are held in the auditorium of Jubilee Hall.

What should I do if I have to miss class for illness or to attend a conference?

Contact the department secretary as soon as you know you must miss class.  We also ask that you arrange for a substitute if possible.  Exchange personal information with another faculty member in case of emergencies.  We prefer you not cancel class unless absolutely necessary; it is always preferable to get a substitute, especially if you know ahead of time that you must be away.  If you need help getting a class covered, speak to Nancy Enright or Ed Jones.

Where can faculty eat on campus?

The University Club on the top floor of the University Center is open to faculty and staff Monday through Friday, from 12:00 � 2:00.  It offers buffet-style dining for $5.00 per person (not including tip).  The cafeteria is located in the basement of the same building and offers a variety of options.

How can I get access to the Recreation Center on campus?

Access to the recreation center–which includes a pool, weight room, and indoor track–is free for all faculty and staff.  However, you must fill out an application, available in the rec center office.  If you need a locker, there is an annual fee of $25.  Family members can also become members of the rec center for an annual fee.

How do I apply for the use of a scholar�s study in Walsh Library?

Walsh library has a limited number of scholar�s studies available for use by faculty, staff, and students.  Applications are available in the office of the library dean, main floor of Walsh Library, and are usually due by mid-September for the coming academic year.

Whom do I contact in case of an emergency?

Campus Security can be reached at 9300.

You will receive a list of faculty office numbers and extensions approximately two weeks after the start of the semester.  Please report any changes in personal information to the department secretary in a timely fashion.

Important Names and Numbers:

Mary Balkun, Department Chair � (973) 761-9387
Jeff Gray, Asst. Chair � (973) 761-9000
Nancy Enright, Director of First-Year Writing � (973) 761-9000, ext. 2545
Ed Jones, Director of Basic Skills � (973) 761-9000, ext. 5099
Kelly Shea, Writing Center Director � (973) 761-9000, ext. 2183
Rebecca Warren, Department Secretary � (973) 761-9388

If you have any questions, please let us know.