What is ENGL1201-0160?

ENGL1201-ENGL0160 is a single course. It just happens to look like two
courses when you enroll. You have the same teacher, the same classmates,
and the same textbooks in both courses. And you’re doing the same work as
any other student taking ENGL1201, College English. Because of this, you
will get three credits once you’ve passed the course. The credits for
ENGL0160 will not, however, count towards graduation. The linked
courseENGL1201-ENGL0160 is designed to give students with weaker backgrounds or
greater difficulties in writing and reading the extra time and instruction to
succeed in ENGL1201. Our experience has proved that students not only
succeed in ENGL1201; they do well in ENGL1202, too. In exchange for three
credits that don’t count towards graduation, you’re getting a strong foundation
for writing and reading in college and, most likely, a higher GPA.
Extras that come along with ENGL0160:

  • 6 visits at the Writing Center
  • In-class tutoring once a week
  • More time to work on assignments
  • More time to start work and ask questions in class