ENGL 0150 and 0110 e-Portfolio

Final E-Portfolio Directions for 0110 and 0150

Creating a portfolio of your work, and a self-assessment that examines that portfolio, is a way to take charge of your educational experience. Not only will the instructor assess your work; you will also assess your work and your experience with writing and reading.

This portfolio will be scored by your instructor and by at least one other Seton Hall writing instructor in order to give you a more consensual assessment of your performance in ENGL0110 or ENGL0150. The possible scores are 1, 2, 3, 4, with 1 lowest and 4 highest, for each of the writing traits. The portfolio due date will be no later than Aug.6, at 9:00 a.m., though your instructor may request that you turn it in earlier.

The final term portfolio is comprised of three separate parts

1.a. The final draft of the last essay of the summer.  It should be without instructor comments so as to eliminate the bias that would come from the outside scorers seeing your instructor’s comments and/or grade.  You may further revise this essays for the portfolio

1.b. The first draft of the last essay of the summer. 

2. A formal in-class piece of writing.

3. A self-assessment (at least 3 pages). The ability to write about your writing and
reading skills is one factor in promoting your future growth and will affect
your overall portfolio score.

Directions for Self-Assessment

To choose the essays for your portfolio, and to write a self-assessment, you will want to be aware of the primary goals of ENGL1201.  Although at this point you are not expected to have mastered all these outcomes, you will certainly have made some progress.  The Outcomes Statements for First-Year Writing is a set of eleven statements that express what we expect you to have accomplished by the end of your first-year writing experience.  Some of the statements apply only to ENGL1202 (focus on literature). The Reading Rubric is a set of statements to help you think about how you have developed your reading skills.  The Primary Trait Rubric shows you the criteria that your instructor and outside portfolio assessor will use to evaluate your portfolio.  Also, you might find it useful to examine a sample student self-assessment. The self-assessment should be a personal essay that focuses on a thesis about your growth as a reader and writer in ENGL0110 or ENGL0150.  Use the language from the outcomes statements and document your claims by referring to essays and other writings.  Please cite specific instances from early and final drafts in your self-assessment to demonstrate what revision means to you.  You may discuss writing besides that which you have included in your e-portfolio. 

How to Submit Your Portfolio

Await an announcement in Blackboard that will give you a link to a site where you will upload the essays and the self-assessment.  Also, your instructor should give you instructions for submitting just the self-assessment to him or her.