Sample Lesson Plan

Sample Lesson Plan for College English I (for one unit)

For the Four Essay Syllabus (slight variations might occur with the other plans) for the Persuasive Paper

Language and Communication (510-609)

Assign the following readings:

Chapter 7, “Language and Rhetoric,” Perecles (470); Plato (478); Aristotle (489); Chapter 6, “Science and Nature,” Maimonides (397); Carson (419); Gore (454).

·     Students will use double-entry journal technique throughout the semester to encourage critical and analytical reading/ thinking.

·     Students will use the double-entry journal technique to develop their own topic based on the question of how language is used to convey a moral or political vision

Day 1:
Have students create a list of words/ phrases they consider relevant to the topics of ethical rhetoric and science/nature .  Link these words and phrases, working in small groups, to the reading for that day.

Days 2 and 3:
Discuss the first two essays, focusing on several things:

1.     the ways each one relates to the use of language and morality/political vision
2.     the specific focus of each essay
3.     stylistic concept for the unit
Use students’ notes from double-journal entry technique to start discussion.  Make connections between the discussion of words from Day 1 and the work of these two days.

Day 4:
Teach research technique for the unit; use group assignment to foster collaboration; discuss third essay (see above) and connect to paper.   Use chapter in They Say, I Say  for this unit in connection with using sources.

Be sure to build on what you have been doing.

Day 5:

Discuss fourth essay (see above) and connect to paper.  Work on creation of effective introduction and body paragraphs.

Day 6:

Discuss fifth essay (see above) and connect to paper.
Peer Review

You might use a volunteer’s paper to model peer review.  You might also have some students share what they are doing in their papers with the whole group.