Library Orientation for College English

Requirement.  All ENGL 1201 and 1202 classes are required to hold an in-class library orientation. College English instructors are required to arrange for a library session for their students. PRIOR TO THE ORIENTATION, INSTRUCTORS SHOULD HAVE STUDENTS USE THE MATERIALS ON THE LIBRARY’S INFORMATION LITERACY SITE.

The orientation itself.  The orientation should be specific and directed to the work of your course. It should go beyond the general library tour students are given in Freshman Orientation and familiarize them with the search and research procedures necessary for college papers.

The best library orientations are a partnership between the writing instructor and the library instructor that helps students research specific topics. It is useful to give students a (graded) assignment the day of the orientation to encourage participation.  It should be directly related to a paper the students are or will be writing in ENGL 1201 or 1202.  Both the library and English faculty will ensure that the session is as interactive as possible.  As a guideline the library presentation time should be limited to 30 minutes in a 75 minute class (20 minutes in a 50 minute class).  During the remaining time, the librarian and instructor should work with individual students to help them find resources for their research question.

Setting up the library orientation.   Please send an email to in the first two weeks of classes with the information below :
Your preferred date
Your class start time
Your class end time
The full number of your class (ENGL1202WE for example)
Your phone number
Your shortname (for example, redwinel)
The number of students in your class

The next part of your library orientation preparations will be to contact the library faculty member two weeks before your orientation with a description of the paper that the students are working on and the in-class assignment the students are doing.  A dialog between both faculty members to align goals for the session is critical to a successful orientation.  To find the librarian assigned to your class, go to this site a week after you’ve shared your info with Elizabeth:

Please give your students the following quizzes – for 1201, there is a research exercise that the students need to take before their library orientation, and one to take after. For 1202, there is just a post-orientation quiz.

1201:   If you would like a copy of the results, please enter an email address:   If you would like a copy of the results, please enter an email address: