Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

The Archives and Special Collections Center has received some important editions to the collections from the Family of Franklin Matthew Rogers ’41!

Franklin Matthew Rogers, known as Buck, attended Seton Hall Prep before Seton Hall College. He graduated in 1941 in Business and received the following snippet in the 1941 yearbook:

“Dr. King’s right arm in government class. His remarks were in as good taste as his clothes”.

We are particularly excited about:


Because of the Great Depression (1929-1939) and World War II (US: 1941-1945), copies of the Setonian are scarce in the Archives. We are now able to add not only additional copies to the years we already have but include copies we have not had before such as 1939 April 21; 1939 May 5; 1940 May 3; 1941 February 14; 1941 April 25; and 1941 May 16! Stay tuned as we continue to digitize our Setonian collection.

Seton Hall Alumni Servicemen’s News (Alumni Bulletin)

This was a monthly bulletin that was sent out to Seton Hall alumni in military service. It contained information about alumni as they went off to train and to different bases around the world. Included are excerpts of letters written to the editors which mention snippets of their lives in the military.

“12” Club

Organized in 1937, this organization would invite about ten percent of the graduating class to join. Members were accepted because of their active participation in things concerned with Seton Hall, specifically the Athletic Association and the Knights of Setonia.

These items among the program for the Junior Class play titled “Forty-One on the Run”, programs for the Junior Promenade for the Class of ’41, and athletic programs, add invaluable documentation to collection that record student life at Seton Hall.