UPIC means opportunity for students at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations. In the past, the Interreligious Coalition has brought together religious leaders and community organizers from the U.S. and Pakistan; now, for the first time, UPIC is opening its yearly trips to participation by students, which has long been a goal of this initiative. Seton Hall diplomacy undergraduates and graduate students will be among the first to join the U.S. delegation and experience first-hand UPIC’s interfaith dialogue activities in Pakistan.

Not only is this initiative relevant to those specializing in Conflict Resolution or Middle East studies, traveling to Pakistan also offers a unique opportunity to connect with other students, academics, local NGOs, and religious and community leaders from both countries, and therefore build meaningful bridges from which students will benefit personally and professionally.

The ways to contribute to UPIC, however, are not limited to its yearly trips. UPIC has its own website and also runs an ongoing fundraising campaign—both of which are already partially managed by Seton Hall students—so you can also participate in preparation and promotion of this important venture. Students from the School of Diplomacy and International Relations are therefore encouraged to join the UPIC team and become pioneers of the interreligious and intercultural dialogue between the United States and Pakistan.

Additional opportunities to be announced.


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