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Security Council Adopts New Sanctions Against DPRK

The U.S. mission to the U.N. indicated that it would “make it much harder for the DPRK to raise funds, import technology, and acquire the know-how to continue its illicit nuclear and ballistic missile programs.” The resolution includes an extensive list of what cannot be exported into the country, such as arms in any capacity or technologies to further the nuclear arms race of North Korea.

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U.N. Peace Talks Delayed by Opposing Factions

The current slew of peace efforts is not by any means a new or inventive method, and for the third time in four years The U.N. Security Council, with the help and support of world powers, adopted a resolution to end the killings in Syria. As the U.N. has stated, the purpose of these “Vienna Statements” is to be the basis for “a Syrian-led, Syrian-owned, political transition to end the conflict.”

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