2024April 2024International News

Ecocide & Genocide, Israels Amounting War Crimes

 May 7 marks eight months since the onset of the unprecedented Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which has now escalated into a genocide. While the primary focus remains on the trauma and suffering brought upon Palestinians, it is imperative to acknowledge the environmental devastation the war has caused, as it is inseparable from the humanitarian disaster and daily life in Gaza.

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2024January 2024Middle EastHuman Rights Law

ICJ Rules on South Africa’s Genocide Case Against Israel

The ICJ ruled that Israel should prevent acts of genocide and the ICJ ruled there was plausible reason to believe there was a genocide being committed. South Africa invoked Article 9 of the Genocide Convention, which, provides guidelines for resolving disagreements between parties about how the convention should be interpreted, applied, or fulfilled.

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September 2022Analysis

Hindu Nationalism: On the Path Toward Reincarnating the Rwandan Genocide?

“Jai Shri Ram,” or “Hail Lord Ram” in English, has been transformed from an innocent, religious chant to a phrase associated with one of the world’s most active nationalist movements. Riots in the British city of Leicester in mid-September between Hindu and Muslim communities are just the tip of the iceberg of a movement that has become transnational.  

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