Summer 2023 Edition

The Ongoing Gang Wars in Central America

Central America has gained notoriety for its exceptionally high levels of gang violence, particularly in countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Gangs have evolved into formidable criminal organizations, exerting control over specific territories and engaging in a wide range of illicit activities, which pose significant threats to the region’s stability and security.

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September 2021Campus SpotlightSchool of Diplomacy News

“Commemorating 9/11”: A Discussion on Counterterrorism and Diplomacy

20 years after the events of September 11, 2001 shook the nation, the School of Diplomacy and International Relations welcomed three experts to speak on the tragedy’s impact on diplomacy, the United States military, and counterterrorism. The three panelists invited were Ambassador Joseph Westphal, former acting Secretary of the Army in 2001 and ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Rear Admiral Douglas Fears, a former presidential advisor on counterterrorism, and Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Price, former director of West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center.

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