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October 2021OpinionAmericas

A Call for Accountability at Guantanamo Bay

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 and simultaneous failed withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has renewed American discussion on the War on Terror. Public consensus seems to be that this conflict has ended, as few troops remain stationed in the Middle East, and the Biden administration has pivoted its foreign policy focus to Asia.

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Obama’s Last-Minute Push to Save the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran nuclear deal could be under threat by President-elect Donald Trump. As stated by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the July 2015 deal boils down to a nine-page document delegating Iran’s ability to enrich uranium and places nuclear-related economic sanctions along with an arms embargo with the UN for five years upon the country.

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October 2015

The Greatest Show on Earth: World Watches as UN General Assembly Opens

Some key speakers to watch will be Iran’s Rouhani, fresh off a huge diplomatic win after the Iran nuclear deal; Russia’s Putin, who is making his first appearance in the GA Hall in a decade amid growing concerns about Russia’s presence in Ukraine and Syria; and Cuban President Raul Castro, who will be addressing the UN for the first time.

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Obama and Merkel Diverge on Ukraine Plan

On February 10, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and United States President Barack Obama displayed their disagreement over Ukraine at a White House press conference. Chancellor Merkel, whose visit to Washington was only a quick stop while shuttling between Kiev and Moscow, emphasized that the European Union will continue focusing on diplomatic means to diffuse tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

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