Potential Investment Strategies to Use During Volatile Periods as Dow Index Enters Bear Markets

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the oldest of the three main stock indexes on The New York Stock Exchange, entered bear market territory when it declined by 1.1% on September 26th. The decline extended the index’s drop-off from its all-time high and pushed its losses to over 20% from its January peak of 36,799 points to 28,725 points, which meets the criteria to enter a bear market.

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Tesla: The $1 Trillion Company

It is fair to say that, as it currently stands, Tesla has a firm grasp on the electric car industry. In addition to leading their industry, they are one of the most recognizable company household names, they are constantly innovating, and they are headed by CEO Elon Musk who essentially makes up the majority of Tesla’s marketing efforts by consistently drumming up press, week after week.

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Economists Forsee Speculators Affecting The Canadian Housing Market

The Canadian housing market has been experiencing a large surge in demand for larger living spaces, leaving a dwindling supply that has made housing prices climb. In fact, the average price of buying a home in Toronto just surpassed 1 million dollars, which represents a 15% increase just over the past year alone

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