Michael Kors Taps Into Children’s Wear Market

Michael Kors is best known for their amazing handbags, and luxurious quality. Michael Kors also designs beautiful women’s clothing where each collection is made with that all-American feel. One thing they have not tapped into in the back is children’s wear, but never say never! Michael Kors has partnered with French group, Children Worldwide fashion to release a children’s line. This is very exciting for the company as they are getting into a new market which they have never gotten into before.

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Revolve Responds to Coachella Backlash

Coachella Festival is a long-awaited event that happens every year. This annual music and arts festival takes place in California. This festival aims to celebrate popular musical artists ad well as emerging artists. Companies work to sponsor Coachella whether it is by providing an experience, food, or another form of integration at this festival.

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