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Stillman School of Business Master Class: Andrew Rojas

Daibelis Acevedo
Stillman News Editor

On October 7, 2021, the students of the Stillman School of Business had the amazing opportunity to attend a class with Andrew Roja, who enlightened us with a rich conversation about the world of marketing. Andrew is currently working for the most advanced DEI company in Tech, Salesforce! The event was proctored by Professor Daniel M. Ladik, beginning with introductions from Dean Strawser, Dean Oninimus, Professor Farfan, Assistant Director of the Career Center Teresita Walters, and Professor Kritz. Andrew started the class by sharing his experience in the workforce from beginning to end, and then we topped it off with an informing and interesting Q&A from Professor Ladik and the students.

Salesforce logo (Photo courtesy of Salesforce.com)

Andrew Rojas shared some extremely helpful information about his journey and how he went from wanting to be a mathematician to a successful businessman. After starting his career in college as a math major, Andrew realized the field was not for him. So he quickly switched over to finance and economics. From his experience, Rojas advised students to follow their passion. He said, “Find what you love and what you feel most comfortable doing.”

Andrew also spoke about the importance of staying on top of the digital changes occurring in our day-to-day. He reminded us to continue being students forever, continuing learning, regardless of being enrolled in college or not. One of his biggest life lessons is continuous learning and how this is truly the only way to stay up to date with the evolving digital transformation.

Furthermore, when asked about diversity in the workplace, Andrew shared incredible stories from his past companies and the importance of feeling comfortable and safe. Companies like Verizon and Salesforce have been actively working toward an all-inclusive and diverse image internally and externally.

Some tips directly from Andrew Rojas:
• Focus on your strengths
• Be passionate about whatever you are going for
• Always be you, not anyone else
• Every interview you attend is an opportunity for you to interview the company
• Listening is a fantastic skill to have

The inaugural Master Class with Andrew Rojas was one to remember, and we want to give him a huge thank you for being able to fit us into his hectic schedule!

If you are interested in more informal networking opportunities like this, Mark your calendars! The Stillman School of Business Masterclass Series continues on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. Dario Spina of Viacom will be with us from 7:00-8:00 pm on campus for an in-person event. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to learn more about the future of marketing in entertainment. See you there!


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