Meeting of June 2nd

Sign in for Quorum.

2. Call to Order

3. Communications from the Provost, Dr. Katia Passerini
a. FS-29 BS in International Quantitative Economics and International Relations (ECIQ)
b. FS-30 BS in International Economics and International Relations (ECIR)

4. Communications from the Provost

5. Guest Presenter: Dr. Alyssa McCloud

6. Approval of the agenda

7. Approval of the minutes of the May 12th meeting.

8. Executive Committee Report

9. Reports from Administrative Committees
a. Liberal Arts Planning Task Force
b. Catholic Intellectual Tradition
c. Compensation study
d. Merit Task Force
e. Seeds of Innovation
g. Gender/Pronoun Policy Task Force
h. Library Planning Focus Group

10. Reports of Standing and Special Committees
a. Academic Facilities Committee
b. Academic Policy Committee
MS in Professional Accounting Analytics docs
MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner docs
c. Faculty Guide and Bylaws Committee

11. Committees with No Reports
a. Faculty Development
b. Academic Integrity Committee
c. Admissions Committee
d. Calendar Committee
e. Compensation and Welfare Committee
f. Faculty Grievance Committee
g. Instructional Technology Committee
h. Nominations, Elections, and Appointments Committee
i. Program Review Committee
j. Library Committee
k. University Core Curriculum Committee

12.Old Business
a. Second reading of Article 3.5.c

13. Committee Motions
a. APC motion for MS in Professional Accounting, Analytics Track
b. APC motion for MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner program

14. New Business
a. Affirmation of the new Program Review Committee Chair

15. Adjournment