2024 FS-35 EC Motion on the Academic Approval Process

2024 FS-34 Approval of the PRC Report on Speech-Language Pathology

2024 FS-33 FDC Motion on Faculty Burnout

2024 FS-32 Comp & Welfare Motion for More Data

2024 FS-31 Approval of the New Reorganization of the M.A in English

2024 FS-30 Approval of the Minor in Business & Humanities 

2024 FS-29 Approval of the New Concentration Offered Through the Professional Writing Track

2024 FS-28 Academic Integrity Motion 

2024 FS-27 Approval of the Change to Faculty Guide Article 5

2024 FS-26 Approval of the Change to Faculty Guide Article 3

2024 FS-25 Approval of Revisions to Faculty Guide Article 6

2024 FS-24 Motion to congratulate Monsignor Reilly

2024 FS-23 Approval of the PRC report on MSAT

2024 FS-22 Approval of the B.S in Cognitive Neuroscience Program 

2024 FS-21 Graduate Studies Committee Motion for review of the Academic Approval Process

2024 FS-20 Faculty Guide & Bylaws Committee Motion

2024 FS-19 Approval of the Family Nurse Practitioner Post-Masters Certificate Program

2024 FS-18 Approval of the amendment to Master of Science in Financial Technology & Analytics (MFTA)

2024 FS-17 EC Motion on the Classics Program

2024 FS-16 APC Motion for Undergrad Major in Global Supply Chain Management

2024 FS-15 APC Motion for Undergraduate Major in Business Analytics

2024 FS-14 APC Motion for B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Applied Physics and Engineering.

2024 FS-13 APC Motion for a B.S. degree in Biology and M.S. Dual Degree

2024 FS-12 AFC Motion on Instructor Seating

2024 FS-11 Approval of Updates to Article 7 of the Faculty Guide 

2024 FS-10 PRC Motion on the SBS Program 

2024 FS-9 APC Motion for Curricular Changes to the Occupational Therapy Program

2024 FS-8 Approval of Revisions to Article 5 of the Faculty Guide 

2024 FS-7 Approval of Revisions to Article 3 of the Faculty Guide

2023 FS-6 Approval of the PRC Report on the Department of Religion

2023 FS-5 Approval of the User Experience and Interface Design (UXUI)

2023 FS-4 Approval of revisions to Faculty Guide, Article 7 

2023 FS-2 Re-approval of Faculty Guide Article 8 

2023 FS-1 EC Motion for Ad-Hoc Committee on Academic Integrity regarding AI

2023 FS-36 Approval of revisions to Faculty Guide Article 8

2023 FS-35 MSN for Family Nurse Practitioner Program 

2023 FS-34 MS in Professional Accounting, Analytics Track

2023 FS-33 Approval of revisions to Faculty Guide Article 3.5.c

2023 FS-32 IT Communication 

2023 FS-31 UCCC Motion on University Life CORE 1001

2023 FS-30 BS in International Economics and International Relations

2023 FS-29 BS in International Quantitative Economics and International Relations 

2023 FS-28 Creation of By-Laws 

2023 FS-27 Vote on University Core Curriculum Committee Communication

2023 FS-26 Motion on MS in Financial Technology and Analytics

2023 FS-25 Motion on BS in International and Homeland Security 

2023 FS-24 Motion for the vote on the University Core Structure 

2023 FS-23 Motion on Certificate for Destination and Event Management 

2023 FS-22 Motion on MS in Applied Physics and Engineering 

2023 FS-21 Ad Hoc Core Structure Committee Motion

2023 FS-20 Approval of Revisions to Faculty Guide Article 3.5.e

2023 FS-19 Motion on IPAD Dashboard Revisions 

2023 FS-18 Comp and Welfare Motion on Faculty Contracts 

2023 FS-17 APC Motion on joint BA/MS with History and Business Analytics

2023 FS-16 APC Motion on 1 year MS in Pro Communications and Media Arts

2023 FS-15 Approval of revisions to Faculty Guide Article 15

2023 FS-14 IT Committee Motion on the Learning Management System

2022 FS-13 Approval of revision to Faculty Guide Article 13

2022 FS-12 Communication to President Nyre on flooding and construction plans

2022 FS-11 APC motion on dual degree program between Diplomacy, International Relations and Master of Legal Studies 

2022 FS-10 Budget Presentation Motion 

2022 FS-9 APSA Motion 

2022 FS-8 Ad Hoc Committee for Grants and Research Motion 

2022 FS-7 University Core Structure Motion 

2022 FS-6 UCCC Communication 

2022 FS-5 FDC Motion

2022 FS-4 COLA Motion

2022 FS-3 APC Motion to approve changes in MSOT program 

2022 FS-2 APC Communication of Teaching Evaluation 

2022-FS-1 IPAD Resolution

2022 FS-69 Compensation and Welfare Summer Work

2022 FS-68 IPAD Resolutions

2022 FS-67 Police Program

2022 FS-66 OMBUDS Motion

2022 FS-65 Study Abroad Motion

2022 FS-64 Core III Approval Motion

2022 FS-63 Rome Connection Motion

2022 FS-62 Cost of Living Motion

2022 FS-61 Joint Nursing Administration-MBA Program

2022 FS-60 Muslim-Christian Relations Minor

2022 FS-59 Faculty Guide Article 3.3b.4 Second Reading

2022 FS-58 Faculty Guide Interpretation

2022 FS-57 Adhoc Formation

  • Please see FS-68 for Provost Response

2022-FS 56 Senate Appreciation

2022-FS-55 Faculty Senate By-Laws Revision – Section XXI

2022-FS-54 MSN Nursing Administration and Nurse Executive Leadership

2022-FS-53 Online Executive M.S. in International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice

2022-FS-52 APC Cybersecurity Minor

2022-FS-51 Office of Environmental Sustainability 

2022-FS-50 Tenure Extension

2022-FS-49 Approval of Second Reading of Article 12 of the Faculty Bylaws

2022-FS-48 Request for Information Related to University Finances

2022-FS-47 Timely Payments to Temporary Faculty and Adjuncts

2022-FS-46 Timely Process for Onboarding

2022-FS-45 Standard Catalog Terminology

2022-FS-44 B.S. in Quantitative Economics & Econometrics 

2022-FS-43 Student Evaluations Content and Administration

2022-FS-42 Revisions to FG Article 11

2022-FS-41 Duel Degree in IPHS and Athletic Training

2022-FS-40 BS IPHS

2022-FS-39 3+2 Physics and Data Science

2022-FS-38 Pause of the Interactive Program Analysis and Dashboard (IPAD)

2021-FS-37 Resolution on Salary Study

2021-FS-36 Resolution to Accept Duolingo Exam

2021-FS-35 Resolution on Deans List Requirements

2021-FS 34 Motion on Moratorium on FG 3.1.b.1

2021-FS-33 University Club Resolution

2021-FS-32 Curriculum Changes for MA and PhD Degrees in HRED Resolution

2021-FS-31 COLA Resolution

2021-FS-30 Approval of Revised Program Review Guidelines

2021-FS-29 CEHS Postponement and Data Request

2021-FS-28 CEHS Resolution About Restructuring Vote

2021-FS-27 Resolution Related to Restructuring

2021-FS-26 Senate Special Meeting

2021-FS-25 Dean of the School of Diplomacy

2021-FS-24 Report on the Board

2021-FS-23 Removal of Doctoral Tuition Remission Benefit for Faculty

2021-FS-22 FG Interpretation of 7.2a

2021-FS-21 Pandemic Impact

2021-FS-20 Certificate in Digital Humanities and Data Studies

2021-FS-19 AFC Recommendations for UC Renovations

2021-FS-18 Graduate Assistantships 

2021-FS-17 Report on Stillman School of Business

2021-FS-16 Survey: Return to Campus Library Uses

2021-FS-15 Response to Restructuring & Re-organization of Academic Units

2021-FS-14 By-laws Interpretation

2021-FS-13 Public Relations Track in the MA in Communication

2021-FS-12 Online MA in Theology (with Systematic Theology Concentration) for Diaconate Students

2021-FS-11 Online MPA with Concentration in Public Service and Leadership

2021-FS-10 3+2 Accelerated (Dual-Degree) Program for B.S. in Computer Science with M.S. in Data Science

2021-FS-09 MBA Concentration in Business Analytics

2021-FS-08 Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

2021-FS-07 Second Reading: Change to the Faculty Senate By-laws

2021-FS-06 Resolution on Adjunct Pay

2021-FS-05 Stillman & Hackensack’s MD-MBA Program

2021-FS-04 FGC & GSC Joint Resolution on APSA

2021-FS-03 Continuing Standardized Test Optional Policy

2021-FS-02 Second Reading: Proposed Addition to Article 3.3c – Spousal Hiring

2021-FS-01 Resolution on the Waiver of FG Article 3.1.b.1.i.

2020-FS-34 Resolution on the Approval of a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program

2020-FS-33 Second Reading of Article 8

2020-FS-32 Faculty Guide Interpretation: Article 6.1.b.4

2020-FS-31 Resolution on Post-Doctoral Fellows

2020-FS-30 Faculty Guide Interpretation: “South Orange Campus” & Article 1

2020-FS-29 Resolution on Parking Fees for Faculty

2020-FS-28 Resolution on Hyflex Usage Moving Forward

2020-FS-27 Resolution on Reopening Student Hyflex vs. Remote Survey 

2020-FS-26 Resolution on Budgetary Accountability to Faculty

2020-FS-20 Resolution for the New 3+3+1 Accelerated Degree Program Between BSW in Social Work, JD from SHU Law, & MSW in Social Work

2020-FS-19 Resolution for the New 3+3 Accelerated Dual Degree Program Between BSW in Social Work & JD from SHU Law

2020-FS-18 Executive Committee’s Endorsement of Articles 1-5 Revisions

2020-FS-17 Thank You Dr. Boroff

2020-FS-16 – Resolution for New Undergraduate Certificate in Social Work Policy and Justice 

2020-FS-15 – Resolution for New 3+2 Accelerated, Dual-Degree Program between B.A./Minor in Mathematics and M.S. in Data Science

2020-FS-14 – Resolution for New 3+2 Accelerated Graduate Program between XISU & Asian Studies Program 

2020-FS-13 – Resolution for New Undergraduate Minor in Wealth Management from the Stillman School of Business (BFWM)

2020-FS-12 – Resolution for Name Change from DAVA to Data Analytics

2020-FS-11 – Resolution for Online MPA in Nonprofit Management Name Change to Online MPA

2020-FS-10 – Resolution for new 3+2 MPA and BA in BIOLSOBSAFAM, & CAST

2020-FS-9 – Resolution for Certificate in Global Affairs 

2020-FS-8 – Resolution for 3+3 BA-JD Dual Degree Program

2020-FS-7 – Resolution Recommending Program Changes Informed by the Strategic Plan, a Cohesive Academic Vision, and Resources 

2020-FS-6 – Resolution Recommending an Optional One-Year Extension of the Tenure Clock in Response to the Coronavirus

2020-FS-5 – Resolution in Memory of Professor Robert E. Shapiro

2020-FS-4 – Best Practices for Faculty Presentations at SHU Open House

2020-FS-3 –  Faculty Guide Interpretation: Article 11.4

2020-FS-2 – Resolution Approving the New B.S. in Business Finance and Technology 

2020-FS-1 – Resolution Approving the Creation of an Ad Hoc Advancement and Relations Committee 

2019-FS-31 – Resolution Approving the Report and Recommendations of the Program Review Committee for the University Libraries

2019-FS-30 – Resolution Approving Change in the Name of the Counselling Psychology Degree

2019-FS-29 – Resolution Approving the Revised Version of Faculty Guide Article 7

2019-FS-28 – Resolution about the Language on Diplomas 

2019-FS-27 – Resolution about Faculty Associate Course Load

2019-FS-26 – Executive Committee Resolution about Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

2019-FS-25 – SGA Report on the University’s Board of Regents

2019-FS-24 – ITC Response to Provost re: NSSE

2019-FS-23 – Approval of Revision of Faculty Guide Article 6

2019-FS-22 – Faculty Guide Interpretation – Exception to 1/3 Lecturer Limit

2019-FS-21 – Retirement of Mr. Dennis Garbini, Vice President for Administration

2019-FS-20 – Enrollment Caps for Online Courses

2019-FS-19 – Statement on the Retirement of Mr. Dennis Garbini, Vice President for Administration

2019-FS-18 – Political Science and Public Affairs Department’s Proposed 3-3 BA/JD Degree

2019-FS-17 – Compensation and Welfare Committee Presidential Priorities Report

2019-FS-16 – Program Review Committee Regarding Physician Assistant Program

2019-FS-15 – Report of the Program Review Committee regarding Philosophical Theology and Undergraduate Theology – BA in Catholic Studies

2019-FS-14 – Report of the Program Review Committee Regarding Political Science and Public Administration Department

2019-FS-13 – Program Review Committee Regarding School of Diplomacy

2019-FS-12 – Graduate Studies Committee Resolution

2019-FS-11 – Major in Financial Mathematics

2019-FS-10 – MA Concentration in Forensic Social Work

2019-FS-09 – MS in Business Analytics

2019-FS-07 – Walsh Library Art Gallery and Companion Resolution from the College of Arts and Sciences

  • Provost Response

2019-FS-06 / 2019-AS-02 (Revisited) – Motion to Oppose Changes to the Center for Faculty Development

  • Provost Response

2019-FS-06 – Opposition to Potential Changes in OGRE, CFD, and IRB

  • Provost Response

2019-FS-05 – Senior Faculty Associate and Senior Lecturer Promotion Raises

2019-FS-04 – MS in Data Science Program

  • Provost Response

2019-FS-03 (Revised) – Recommendations for Adjunct Pay Equity (Revisited)

2019-FS-03 – Recommendations for Adjunct Pay Equity

2019-FS-02 – Faculty Guide Article 4, Revised

2019-FS-02 / 2019-FS-27 – Faculty Guide Interpretations (Article 5)

  • Provost Response

2019-FS-01 / 2018-FS-26 (Revisited) – Two Changes to Strategic Communications MA Program

  • Provost Response

2019-FS-01 / 2018-FS-26 – Two Changes to Strategic Communications MA Program