Meeting of September 16, 2016

1:00 pm

Beck rooms


1. Sign in for quorum

2. Call to order

3. Communications from Provost Robinson

a. Responses to outstanding resolutions

i. 3 + 2 Religious Studies / Jewish Christian Studies – September 2016

ii. 5 Year Program in Religion and MPA – September 2016

iii. Change to Faculty Guide Article 7.3.a.5 – September 2016

iv. Changes to the Physical Therapy DPT – September 2016

v. General Administration Concentration in MA in Higher Education and Student Affairs – September 2016

vi. Recording Policy – September 2016

vii. Women and Gender Studies Program Review – September 2016

viii. Core Curriculum for Communication and the Arts – August 2016

ix. Freshman Studies Program Review – August 2016

x. MSN in Health Systems Administration and Post-Master’s Certificate in Executive Healthcare Systems Management – August 2016

xi. Philosophy Department Program Review – August 2016

xii. Separate Majors in Journalism and Public Relations – August 2016

xiii. Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Department Program Review – August 2016

xiv. Merit Pay Proposal – June 2016

4. Approval of agenda

5. Approval of the draft minutes of the June 3 meeting

6. Executive Committee report

7. Reports of standing and special committees

a. Academic Facilities Committee report

b. Compensation & Welfare Committee report

c. Library Committee report

d. University Completion Committee report

e. University Core Curriculum Committee report

8. Committees with no reports

a. Academic Policy Committee

b. Admissions Committee

c. Calendar Committee

d. Faculty Development Committee

e. Faculty Grievance Committee

f. Faculty Guide and Bylaws Committee

g. Graduate Studies Committee

h. Instructional Technology Committee

i. Intellectual Property Task Force

j. Nominations, Elections, and Appointments Committee

k. Program Review Committee

9. Committee Motions

10. Old Business

11. New Business

12. Communications

13. Adjournment