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The Draft Riots: Its Roots and Occurance

The New York City Civil War Draft Riots of 1863: Four Days of Unrest On the morning of July 13th, 1863, the American Civil War had been ongoing for two years. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Lincoln on the first of that year, freeing the slaves. The battle of Gettysburg had claimed its …

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Dreamland Park

The last of the three major amusement parks of Coney Island during the 20th century, Dreamland Park was known as the refined and orderly park. With every structure being pristine white, this business-like amusement park was indeed beautiful, but only lasted from 1904 to 1911 because it did not evoke the same sense of fun entertainment as much as Steeplechase or Luna Park did.

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United Nations Headquarters

Guidebook:  the United Nations Building Located at 405 E 42nd Street right along the East River on Manhattan Island is a piece of international territory belonging to 193 nations which holds the United Nations Headquarters.  In a city that is home to over 8 million people speaking perhaps 800 languages, it is not surprising that …

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The AIDS Crisis in New York City

The AIDS Crisis in New York City Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, more commonly known as AIDS, first emerged in the United States in the year 1981. Cases of the disease were first reported in Los Angeles and New York when young, previously healthy gay men began developing unusual infections as a result of weak immune …

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