Category: Harlem Renaissance

The Studio Museum in Harlem

This museum in Harlem displays creative exhibits that are unique to African American culture and stands as a legacy to the artists of the Harlem Renaissance who first pioneered varying styles of art during the 1920s.

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The Cotton Club

This location is where white residents of New York City would gather for nights of entertainment, such as dancing and jazz music. This nightclub was extremely segregated, as it prohibited African Americans from entering to enjoy this form of urban entertainment; however, it benefitted black jazz musicians, who gained fame, recognition, and revenue by playing …

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Harlem Renaissance

During the 1920s, the Harlem Renaissance greatly impacted and diversified New York City. The Harlem Renaissance was a movement during which African American culture drastically flourished, as it developed artistically, socially, and intellectually. Throughout this era, which was also known as the dawn of the “New Negro”, black New Yorkers decided to step against the …

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