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How can we learn about and advocate for mental health to empower ourselves and others?


Mental health issues affect everyone and anyone, spanning all identities and circumstances. Mind Your Mind: Mental Health, Identity, and Activism is a virtual exhibition that provides a safe space to build awareness and confront the stigma surrounding mental health issues. This exhibition also equips visitors with resources on mental health that may help the visitor or their community. 

Mind Your Mind presents statistics, graphics, and art objects as a means of explaining a variety of mental health topics in regards to social issues like climate change, minority populations, including racial minorities, the LGBTQIA+ community, and those experiencing material instability. This exhibition seeks to empower visitors and challenge them to question their own understandings of mental health. Mind Your Mind: Mental Health, Identity, and Activism is a call to action in breaking the stigma surrounding these various social issues and mental health. 

To explore the identities, circumstances, and issues relating to mental health within this exhibition, navigate each topic by scrolling over and clicking on the headings within the navigation bar above.

*Trigger Warning: This exhibit discusses a variety of sensitive topics that may be triggering for some audiences. Please be advised that topics such as suicide, PTSD, self-harm, eating disorders, substance abuse, and racism will be addressed.*