Teachers Study Day

Teachers Study Day - Seton Hall LogoThe Jewish-Christian Studies Graduate Program at Seton Hall University has been devoted to eliminating prejudice through understanding since 1975. It has designed its annual Teachers Study Day to assist educators in the development of expertise in the area of Holocaust and Genocide Education.

This professional development study day and program is an accredited service provider in the State of New Jersey and offers three – five professional development credit hours for educators.

Click on the links below to access details about upcoming and past events and resources for educators. Teachers may also find the resources on my Holocaust and Genocide Studies Resources page helpful.

April 21, 2023 Teachers Study Day
Bulgarian Jews and the Holocaust

April 25, 2022 Teachers Study Day
Anatomy and Medicine in the Nazi Period

Video Podcast
– “Introduction to the History of Medicine, Nazism and the Holocaust”
– “From Routine to Murder – Anatomy in Nazi Germany and Its Legacies for Today”

March 5, 2020 Teachers Study Day
Jewish Education during the Nazi Period and Holocaust Education Today

PowerPoint Presentations
– “Holocaust Education in NJ” by Dr. Thomas Fallace
– “Playing Holocaust: The Origins of the  Controversial Gestapo Simulation Game” by Dr. Thomas Fallace

March 13, 2019 Teachers Study Day
Police in the Nazi Period and Now

March 5, 2018 Teachers Study Day
Jews and Resistance in France during World War II

Video Podcasts
– Opening lecture by Dr. Brenna Moore
– Testimony of Holocaust survivor Mr. Michel Jeifa
– Continuing the Conversation with Mr. Michel Jeifa

Materials and Handouts
– Bibliography by Dr. Brenna Moore
– Report by Dr. Celia Deutsch, N.D.S.
– “Sisters of Our Lady of Sion: Righteous among the nations” by Celine Hirsch Poynard
– J.M. Oesterreicher in France by Rev. Dr. Lawrence E. Frizzell
– Spiritual Resistance by Père Joseph N. Perrin

March 8, 2017 Teachers Study Day
Refugees: World War II and Now

March 31, 2016 Teachers Study Day
Propaganda: Film and Print during and after the Nazi Period

April 14, 2015 Teachers Study Day
Greeks and Jews during World War II

March 13, 2014 Teachers Study Day
Poles and Jews during World War II