Website of Lawrence E. Frizzell, D.Phil.

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Welcome to the website of Lawrence E. Frizzell, D.Phil.!

I’m Director of the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies and Professor in the Jewish-Christian Studies (JCST) Graduate Program at Seton Hall University.

I’ve created this website as a forum where students, educators, theologians and scholars can explore various areas of:

  • Jewish-Christian studies and relations
  • Ecumenical and interfaith studies
  • Catholic liturgy, prayer and ethics
  • Biblical research, scholarship and archaeology
  • Medieval and renaissance religious art
  • Environmental issues

You can learn more about these topics by visiting my blog and my Scholarly Publications page.

I’ve also created pages to help students find free online resources for:

Educators of Holocaust studies may also find the Teachers Study Day page helpful. Here you can access materials that highlight a particular aspect of the Shoah and other genocides.