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“It’s My Right” By Ben Jaros

In 1856, when Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley and others founded Seton Hall University, they exercised their Constitutional right to freedom of religion: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right

Interview with Fr. Laracy By Liam Plate

Liam Plate: What is your academic focus and how did you come to that passion? Father Laracy: I really have two areas of focus. In Theology, my main interests are the relationship of the Catholic faith with the natural sciences and more generally, the relationship of faith and reason. My doctoral

A Breath of Solitude By Sarah Adam

I reach my hand out to touch the wall, and my head slowly comes up above the water. I take a moment to let my whole body relax after finishing a freestyle workout to prepare for my next swim meet. I had the opportunity to become self-aware while I was

What Are You Listening To? By Kiersten Lynch

The first few days of warm weather are here, hinting that summer might really just be around the corner. There’s an allure to the “summer singles” that somehow still make it feel like summer even when they come on long after the last few rays of endless sunshine eclipse into

Endurance of Faith in the Modern World By Frank Hunter

As students at the only diocesan Catholic University in the state of New Jersey, we can justly attest to the increased secularism and laid-back Catholic mentality among our peers. Even on a Catholic campus, we may feel like the minority. Traditional Catholics hear of the horrors that the devout face

Editor’s Note Spring ’19 By Ben Jaros

This past month, many students, priests, and faculty watched in horror as the Notre Dame Cathedral burned during Holy Week. The Cathedral withstood the tests of time over many centuries, having been built in the 12th century. She had survived countless regime changes, two World Wars, the Paris