Nun with cross profession holy card

Nun with cross profession holy card: A small gelatin silver print of a habited nun kneeling before the cross. The cross is surrounded by clouds and light, and is adorned with a reed branch, a crown of thorns, a spear, and an eucharistic chalice. An angel is placing a crown of stars on the nun’s …


Prayer to St. Scholastica

“Prayer to St. Scholastica,” Calligraphy and illustration by Mother Elizabeth Strange for Sister Mary Scholastica Murto: Mother Elizabeth Strange was one of the original seven Sisters of Mercy to arrive in the United States in 1843. This holy card was created between 1879 and 1900.

My only hope profession holy card

                          The crucified Jesus hangs on a cross. Below the cross is an open Bible and a set of rosary beads. The background has flowers and clouds. The edges of the card have embossed gold filigrees. The back of the card has an …