Object of the Week: Roman Coin of Julius Caesar

Denarius of Julius Caesar
5/8″ x 5/8″
103 B.C.E.
The D’Argenio Collection
Gift of Ron D’Argenio

Julius Caesar was known as a skilled politician, gifted orator and military general. A popular leader, he initiated a program of social and governmental reforms including; the extension of citizenship to those living in Roman territories, support for military veterans, redistribution of property to the poor, and the creation of the Julian calendar, the same one we use today. Though he favored Republican ideals towards the beginning of his reign, he was assassinated, in part, for his increasingly dictatorial manner of rule. The coin features the image of Mars, god of war, wearing a crested helmet.


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Object of the Month: Roman Coin from the age of Caesar Augustus (27 B.C.E. – 14 C.E.)

Denarius Coin 0.6875 inches x 0.625 inches 2015.16.0054

This hammered silver coin was made during the reign of Caesar Augustus (27 B.C.E. – 14 C.E.), the first Roman emperor. He spearheaded the transformation of Rome from a republic to an empire through military strength and governing. The chariot and laurel wreath symbolize this military success, while the robes represent those worn by highly ranked government officials called consuls. This coin is from a distinguished collection of Etruscan and Greco-Roman antiquities, including over 400 coins, donated by alumnus Ronald D’Argenio (MS ‘76/JD ’79).