Diplomacy Students Attend Annual UNA Members’ Day

During a panel on the next fifteen years of the U.N., School of Diplomacy junior Gabriela Taveras spoke about her work on campus through Seton Hall’s chapter of UNA-USA. She enthusiastically congratulated Professor Martin Edwards for organizing last year’s Sustainable Development Goals Teach-In on campus.

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The Greatest Show on Earth: World Watches as UN General Assembly Opens

Some key speakers to watch will be Iran’s Rouhani, fresh off a huge diplomatic win after the Iran nuclear deal; Russia’s Putin, who is making his first appearance in the GA Hall in a decade amid growing concerns about Russia’s presence in Ukraine and Syria; and Cuban President Raul Castro, who will be addressing the UN for the first time.

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UN Launches Sustainable Development Goals

The biggest point of contention in the SDGs is the price tag. According to a 2004 World Bank statement, “The additional foreign aid required to reach the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 is between $40-$60 billion a year.”

In contrast, the SDGs are far more expensive, with projections for different goals ranging from $66 billion for the eradication of poverty, to upwards of $7 trillion for the various types of infrastructure improvements–clean water, access to education, and roads, to name a few.

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