2023October 2023September 2023Analysis

Western Support for Ukraine is Sustainable and Necessary

At the United Nations General Assembly this past September, Erik Mose, lead investigator for a probe into human rights violations in Ukraine, raised awareness over Russian war crimes. The state has been found responsible for “widespread attacks on civilians and infrastructure, killings, torture and rape, and other sexual violence,” reports Al Jazeera,

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2023October 2023International News

Zelenskyy Visits White House in Push for Continued Aid

This is Zelenskyy’s second visit to Washington regarding the war. During this meeting Zelenskyy spent time on Capitol Hill, at the Pentagon, and at the White House. NBC News also states that Zelenskyy met with House members of a bipartisan group, including former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy denied the request to address Congress in a “joint session.”

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November 2022International NewsUkraineEurope

NATO Says Russia Not Responsible for Explosion in Poland

Following Russia’s most aggressive attack against Ukraine in over a month, a missile landed in Polish territory on November 15, leaving two people dead, writes CNN. This has led to debate over the origin of the missile, which landed outside of a rural Polish village approximately four miles from the Ukrainian border.

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November 2022G20WorldFocus

FOCUS on Global Summits: Russia’s G20 Absence

Lavrov’s attendance comes after Putin repeatedly told Indonesian President Joko Widodo over the course of several months that he would attend the critical summit. According to Reuters, many political pundits have speculated that Putin did not want to appear on the world stage as the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its ninth month.

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