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October 2021Frozen ConflictsFocusConflict and Security

FOCUS on Frozen Conflicts: North and South Korea

Tensions are mounting on the Korean Peninsula as North and South Korea find each other in an arms race. As a frozen conflict with its origins in the Korean war—which has not yet formally ended—both sides are attempting to resume peace talks while balancing strategic interests in the region. In 2018, both Koreas began re-establishing dialogue towards denuclearization and keeping regional peace.

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Campus SpotlightOctober 2021AsiaSchool of Diplomacy News

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea Presents to the School of Diplomacy

On Wednesday, October 20, Cho Hyun, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, presented to the Seton Hall School of Diplomacy about the Republic of Korea’s and the United States’ alliance, the ROK’s unique relationship with the UN, and the ROK’s position on the world stage.

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FocusNovember 20202020Elections in the Age of Coronavirus

Focus on Elections During Coronavirus: South Korea

In March 2019, toward the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, South Korea became one of the first countries outside of China to face the COVID-19 pandemic. The country adopted a liberal yet effective way to flatten the infection curve, ultimately enabling the country to host their parliamentary elections on April 15 as scheduled. The results were staggering.

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October 2020International NewsAsia2020

High Profile North Korean Official Defects to South

In November 2018, senior diplomat Jo Song-gil of North Korea disappeared from his post as acting ambassador to Italy with his wife without notice. AP News reports that his location had remained unclear until now. The two left just before Jo’s term as acting ambassador ended, and are now reportedly living in South Korea, states  Al Jazeera.

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WorldNovember 2018International NewsAsia

North-South Korean Peace Talks

In a crucial and historical time, the stage is set for the two leaders from North Korea and South Korea to meet at a summit that could bring permanent peace and security to the Korean Peninsula after decades of serious tensions. Furthermore, a joint statement regarding the “denuclearization” issue is also on the negotiation table,

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