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Obama’s Last-Minute Push to Save the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran nuclear deal could be under threat by President-elect Donald Trump. As stated by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the July 2015 deal boils down to a nine-page document delegating Iran’s ability to enrich uranium and places nuclear-related economic sanctions along with an arms embargo with the UN for five years upon the country.

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October 2016Opinion2016

Obama’s Legacy Lies in His Unprecedented Foreign Policy Achievements

President Barack Obama has less than 100 days left in office, and an entire generation is speculating what his legacy will be. Although he is known as the first African-American president, his impact on the nation goes much further than his habit of “dropping the mic,” both literally and metaphorically, on a nation wrought with change.

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September 2016International NewsU.S.

In His Last Tour of Asia, Obama Pushes Trade and the Environment

President Barack Obama, during his last trip to Asia, brought attention to the TPP which represents an American rebalance toward Asia. He argues it will eliminate tariffs and other protectionist measures with the goal of creating jobs and increasing living standards in all member nations.

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December 20152015Opinion

Obama-ISIS Foreign Policy Reactions

Back at home, the response to Obama’s position only feeds into the prevailing mood that he has not taken the ISIS terrorist group seriously. A CBS News survey finds that only 23 percent of Americans believe that the current ISIS military strategy is working, and a Gallup Poll published in Town Hall states that almost half the country backs boots on the ground.

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