Islamic Extremism

October 2022Opinion

The Hazara Women’s War of Education

To think Public Education is accessible to everyone comes from a privileged mindset, and many of us are unaware that there are women worldwide still fighting to the death to continue their education. Sadly, this is the case for Afghan women belonging to different ethnic and religious minorities and living under the control of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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Summer 2022Analysis2022

The Compounding Terror and Migration Crises

Violent, Islamic-extremist terrorism has captured headlines around the world for much of the last two decades, with the number of deaths attributable to Islamic terrorism, sharply increasing in both the West and the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. This rise in terrorism across the Middle East has spurred a migration crisis, as desperate people flee to neighboring countries and across the sea to Europe in hopes of escaping violence, economic despair, and civil repression. 

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