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December 20152015Opinion

Why Paris Attacks Mean More Than Other Recent Events

Following the attacks, France had an immediate military response, which harkens to its power as a European country, a member of the EU and NATO, and holder of secure ties with the United States, the world’s most powerful military force. All of these attributes play out in a cold-war revision era where Russia is once again becoming a dominating and conflicting player in the Middle East. This cannot also be said for Iraq or Lebanon.

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Islamic State’s War on Antiquities Targets Ancient City of Palmyra

BBC reports that the Islamic State group has recently been deemed responsible for the destruction of numerous antiquities. In light of the mass destruction, media outlets have raised the question as to the motives behind the Islamic State’s actions. One possible explanation lies in the group’s ultimate goal: forming a caliphate that represents their interpretation of the Islamic State.

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