Human Rights

September 20232023Campus Spotlight

Chatham House Hosts Forum Discussing Multilateral Development Bank Reform

There has been some controversy concerning the EBRD in terms of investments, as environmental and human rights advocates claim that the EBRD is supplying nations which commit aggressive acts against neighbors’ resources, despite the bank’s not making any new investments in Russia since 2014.

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November 2022Opinion

Iranian Protests Escalate Despite Government Crackdown

As these protests continue to break out across Iran, the Iranian government is intent on restoring stability. Initially, Iranian security forces only used tear gas, riot police, and batons; however, they have since begun to use metal pellets, and even lethal force, reports TIME.

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October 2022Opinion

The Hazara Women’s War of Education

To think Public Education is accessible to everyone comes from a privileged mindset, and many of us are unaware that there are women worldwide still fighting to the death to continue their education. Sadly, this is the case for Afghan women belonging to different ethnic and religious minorities and living under the control of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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April 2022Focus2022Laws of War

FOCUS on the Laws of War: The Geneva Conventions

War, like any other human endeavor throughout history, has historically had rules. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the actions of its soldiers in alleged incidents, such as in the suburb of Bucha the capital of Kyiv, have led members of the international community to accuse the Russian government of war crimes. The modern outlook on what constitutes a war crime can be traced far back, most notably to 20th-century agreements like the Geneva Conventions.

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April 20222022International News

Russia Accused of Atrocities as Massacre Continues in Ukraine

On April 3,  Ukraine accused Russia of committing a massacre of the Ukrainian people located in Bucha, a city located north of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. The accusations arose following Russia’s retreat from Kyiv. Numerous images and videos being circulated show the violence Russian soldiers inflicted upon the Ukrainian citizens. Images show numerous atrocities, such as a picture of at least twenty male corpses, lining a singular street in Bucha.

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