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WorldClimate ChangeSummer 2021 Edition

The Impact of Past and Present Climate Action on Future Cooperation

The international community is not doing enough on climate change, and our everyday lifestyles are partly to blame for the negative effects of global emissions. These routines highlight the fact that many of the issues that the world faces are interconnected – problems as simple as food waste contribute to degrading environments around the world.

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2021February 2021OpinionAmericas

COVID-19 Relief Packages Must Invest in Digital Infrastructure and a Green Economy

As the United States nears its one-year anniversary with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, many Americans are struggling with rent payments, home mortgages, and even putting food on the table. As Congress continues negotiating a third stimulus package and vaccine rollouts continue across the country, many anxious Americans wonder if the bill should include further provisions like building up our digital infrastructure or investing in a Green Economy.

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