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Biden Administration Re-enacts Remain in Mexico Policy

The Biden administration ‘reluctantly’ reactivated the controversial “Remain in Mexico” policy on December 6, despite efforts taken by United States President Joe Biden to permanently end it on his first day in office, NPR reports. The policy, which was initially implemented under the Trump administration in 2019, targets single men, women, and family units, but will not affect unaccompanied minors.

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“Here, Right Matters” with Alexander Vindman at the School of Diplomacy 

On October 25, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman visited the School of Diplomacy and International Relations to promote his new memoir, Here, Right Matters, and share his experience of serving during the Trump administration. The World Council of New Jersey organized the book presentation and discussion.   

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November 2020Opinion2020

Should the Opinions of Foreign Leaders Matter in U.S. Elections?

The recent November election in the United States shed light on the near future of the U.S.’s international involvement. In many ways, the future of many trade agreements depended on this election, with certain doom guaranteed from a Trump victory. However, even as Biden came out on top, there was not necessarily a wave of hope and certainty for many foreign leaders, states NPR

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November 2020International NewsAmericas2020

The United States Withdraws from the Paris Climate Agreement

The United States officially left the Paris Climate Agreement on November 4, according to The Associated Press. The pact was established five years ago to combat the dangerous threat of climate change. The New York Times reports that President Trump first announced his plan to withdraw from the agreement in 2017. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo then filed for the withdrawal on November 4, 2019.

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October 2020Opinion2020

As COVID-19 Infections Rise, World Leaders Still Turn a Blind-Eye to the Dangers

World leaders and their governments have reacted to the pandemic in many different ways. On one hand, some world leaders followed the recommendations of scientists from day one and took the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of infection in their countries. On the other hand, we have seen some who doubt the true risk of the virus, and have dealt with the resulting consequences.

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U.S. Court Orders Iran to Pay $1.4 billion in Reparations Over Missing ex-FBI Agent

In early October, a federal court in the United States ordered Iran to pay $1.45 billion in punitive and compensatory damages over missing ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson. His family, as reported in Time Magazine, has called this decision “the first step in the pursuit of justice.”

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U.S. Presidential Election: An Analysis of the Candidates’ Foreign Policies

With less than 100 days now until the U.S. Presidential election, it is vital for Americans to be informed on the candidates and where they stand on different policies.  Foreign policy, which is often overlooked, must be carefully regarded by Americans to know what each candidate has in plan for the next four years of global affairs.

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