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October 2022Growing ProtestsFocus

FOCUS on Growing Protests: Haiti

Political instability, rising gang violence, and a cholera outbreak have reached a breaking point in Haiti, resulting in weeks of anti-government protests. BBC News reports that protests throughout the country have turned into looting, with police firing tear gas into crowds. The crisis has led the Haitian government, headed by Prime Minister Ariel Henry, to request foreign assistance to quell the increased violence.

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September 2021International News

Nigeria Faces Worst Cholera Outbreak in Years

In August, Nigeria faced a growing cholera outbreak amidst a rise in COIVD-19 cases. 69,925 suspected cholera infections have been recorded in 25 out of 36 states and 2,300 people have died as of September 5,according to Africa News. Deaths totaled 653 on August 3 and jumped to 2,323 in just over month, according to the Sept. 5 statistics.

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