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High level of COVID-19 cases in India is Pushing Children out of School and into Child Labor

As schools have shut down, India is facing an increase in child sex trafficking, child labor, and forced child marriages. To cope with the pressures of the pandemic, families have no option but to send their children to work. Children across India are working in a broad spectrum of fields such as “carpet-weaving, garment-making, domestic service, agriculture, fisheries, and mining,” Reuters says. This issue was already prominent in India and is only worsened by the pandemic.

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Need for Assistance as Floods Devastate Sudan

Sudan faced record breaking floods in early September that killed around 100 people and affected 800,000, according to a United Nations estimate. Seasonal rainfall caused the Nile River to rise by 57 feet and overflow. The floods have affected all 18 Sudanese states with the capital, Khartoum, being hit the worst according to The Washington Post. The Sudanese government called for a three-month state of emergency as the issue began in July, with more rain expected to come within the coming weeks.

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