International Response Israel-HamasFebruary 2024OpinionMiddle East

Policy Maker’s Motivations for the Continuation of the War in Gaza

Whether it is morally right or wrong for the United States to further support Israel during the Hamas conflict is not for me to decide, yet the fact remains that policy makers are financially benefiting from continued strife and conflict, especially in the Middle Eastern region. Because the United States politicians benefit from increased conflict in that area, the US will continue to aid in the continuation of the war.

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September 2023International News

At Least 40 Killed After Airstrike in Sudan

On September 10, an airstrike on an open marketplace in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum resulted in over 40 deaths and more than 55 wounded, reports The Associated Press. The attack was the latest carried out by the Sudanese army as Khartoum has become an open battleground between two rival military factions in the country since April 2023.

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