The Diplomatic Envoy

April 2019

WorldApril 2019

Saving the Planet by Skipping School

On March 15, empty desks took up the majority of classrooms. The students who regularly fill them are not skipping class to hangout or sleep in; they are trying to save the planet. Walking down streets or marching to their nation’s capital, teens are finally pushing their posters up in the air and their voices out of their chest in protest of climate change.

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FirearmsFocusApril 20192019

Focus on Firearms: Switzerland

In Switzerland, gun-ownership is something of a unique culture. There is a comfort surrounding firearm ownership that many would not find around the world. In the United States, it is often hailed as a success of liberal gun laws and the right to bear arms. Switzerland has the third-highest rate of private gun ownership in the world – behind the U.S. and Yemen.

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