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April 2017School of Diplomacy News

Seton Hall Professor Brings Ancient Qur’an into the Modern Age

Every student in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations has spent time in a foreign language classroom. Nonetheless, Diplomacy students may never know about the activities of the language department’s faculty outside of class. Recently, Professor Youssef Yacoubi, Director of Seton Hall’s Arabic Studies Program, had the opportunity to inspect and digitize a 17th century Qur’an.

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December 20152017International NewsAsia

U.S. Tensions Cause North Asian Superpower Synergy: Political tensions with the U.S bring North Asian superpowers closer together

The Asian superpowers, China, Japan, and South Korea, have strengthened diplomatic ties in response to the Trump administration. Japan, specifically, hopes to create a stable relationship with both superpowers by securing economic ties with China and security ties with the United States.

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December 20172017International NewsMiddle East

Trump Administration Adjusts Decision to Close Palestine Liberation Organization Mission

United States officials announced that the Palestine Liberation Organization Mission in Washington D.C. could not stay open. This decision stemmed from a strict interpretation of U.S law by Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

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Featured SectionsCampus SpotlightDecember 20172017School of Diplomacy News

The First Committee of the General Assembly: Insiders View

Writer, Catherine Doolan, attended meetings of the First Committee of the General Assembly on disarmament and international security and was able to witness diplomacy firsthand and debate on crucial disarmament topics.

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