The Diplomatic Envoy

Author: Aminat Tokakova

September 2020Eastern EuropeInternational News2020Europe

Alexi Navalny, Russian Opposition Leader, Poisoned

It has been confirmed that Navalny, a prominent Kremlin critic, was poisoned, reports BBC News. Political analysts and experts are still wondering who was behind the poisoning and who is responsible for carrying out the plan. Navalny’s allies and other anti-Putin political activists believe that the United Russia Party played a significant role in this situation due to the obvious tensions between him and President Vladimir Putin.

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January 2020International News2020Europe

Putin Consolidates Russian Government in Sudden Power Play

During his yearly address on January 15, President Vladimir Putin proposed constitutional changes that would guarantee his absolute authority after his fourth term officially ends in 2024. In response to the address, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that he and the other government heads planned to resign.

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