The Diplomatic Envoy

Author: George Slowey

February 2023International NewsEurope

Western Nations Pledge Tanks to Ukraine

Tanks have played an important part in the Ukrainian conflict and continue to show their dominance on the battlefield. Russia has recently made the move to introduce their supposed cutting-edge T-14 Armata tank onto the battlefield, although intelligence reports have shown that the T-14s have been plagued with problems ever since they were introduced in 2015, reports Newsweek.

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January 2023

Israeli PM Netanyahu Fires Senior Cabinet Member on Court Order

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the now-former Minister of Health and Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri from his position during a cabinet meeting shortly following a ruling issued by the Israeli Supreme Court, which stated that due to being convicted in 2022 of tax offenses he could not legally hold any governmental position. 

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November 2022G20WorldFocus

FOCUS on Global Summits: Russia’s G20 Absence

Lavrov’s attendance comes after Putin repeatedly told Indonesian President Joko Widodo over the course of several months that he would attend the critical summit. According to Reuters, many political pundits have speculated that Putin did not want to appear on the world stage as the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its ninth month.

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Russia Claims to Recover Drones Dropped in Black Sea; Allegedly Loses Another Ship

The Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine continues deteriorate as Russia receives damage to another important ship in recent days. Forbes reports that the Ukrainian government released videos showing a drone attack on the Russian navy frigate Admiral Makarov, the current flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

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