Author: Isla LaMont

December 2015International NewsAmericas

Refugees Attempt to Reach US Through Central America

According to migration expert Shaina Aber, policy director for the National Advocacy Office of the Jesuit Conference of the U.S. and Canada, “There has always been a small but substantial number of ‘extraterritorial refugees’ from Africa and Asia making their way along Latin America’s established migrant trail. You can track the various refugee crises in the world by who starts showing up.”

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December 20152015Opinion

Why Paris Attacks Mean More Than Other Recent Events

Following the attacks, France had an immediate military response, which harkens to its power as a European country, a member of the EU and NATO, and holder of secure ties with the United States, the world’s most powerful military force. All of these attributes play out in a cold-war revision era where Russia is once again becoming a dominating and conflicting player in the Middle East. This cannot also be said for Iraq or Lebanon.

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International NewsU.S.

Who Will Fund the Climate Change Agreement?

A major basis for Republican dissent is that President Obama oversteps his constitutional powers by promising funds or negotiating global deals without congressional approval, regardless of subject matter. Those in opposition to the GOP argue that lawmakers do not vote on deals, but on treaties, which require Senate ratification.

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November 20152015Opinion

US, EU Should See Economic Benefits of Refugee Influx

The President of the European Commission recently announced plans to proportionately distribute 120,000 refugees across the EU, as well as establishing an emergency fund for the crisis, with a starting price tag of $2.1 billion.Despite the high costs of accepting new individuals, I believe there are advantages to immigration that countries in the EU and the globe should be aware of.

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