The Diplomatic Envoy

Author: Judy Koren

2021May 2021AnalysisAmericas

The Convergence of U.S. Exceptionalism and Climate Diplomacy

Politicians have long wielded American exceptionalism – the idea that the United States’ identity, values, and culture must be protected at all costs – for citizen mobilization throughout the country’s history. It has been used during foreign interventions, the war on terror, President Donald Trump’s 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns, and, more recently, mass vaccination campaigns. President Biden now has an opportunity to arm climate policy with American exceptionalism to achieve ambitious climate goals.

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The 2019 Climate March: The Social Issue that Captured the Hearts and Minds of the Youngest Global Citizens

On Friday, September 20, millions of kids, teenagers, and young adults from all around the world marched through the streets under the same cause: to protest the inaction from world leaders to act against climate change.

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